CBSA Webinar Editorial Guidelines

Webinars are the convenient, quick, cost-effective choice for education and training your employees, and CBSA is proud to offer this learning opportunity.


Present a CBSA Webinar

If you have knowledge of an interesting topic and want to present your expertise please contact Courtney Karr or call +913.396.0697 to schedule a date today.

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Speaker Guidelines

Submitted presentations must conform to a professional standard as determined by CBSA staff. All presentations are subject to CBSA revisions and final approval. If the content of material is changed substantially, the presentation will be presented back to the speaker for final review. In the event of a dispute between CBSA and the speaker, CBSA’s Education and Training Committee will have the final decision.

Presentations must be factual in content and all copyright permissions must be in place before submitting. Speakers who submit presentations give CBSA the right to publish their presentation and its content in other CBSA and its partners’ venues, including but not limited to the CBSA website.

Presentation content must be informative and educational — not merely a commercialized article promoting a company or its products and services. This guideline includes company-specific training. All webinars promoted by CBSA must be educational and not sales promotion. If the speaker wishes to present a product-oriented session, contact CBSA for sponsorship options.

Presentations cannot mention trade names or prices, but trade names may appear as captions to photos within the presentations. Copper and brass materials mentioned in articles must be noted with their generic names.

All presentations will be 40 to 45 minutes long, with a short period for a question and answer session to follow. Presentations and scheduling are subject to approval by CBSA.

Approval Process

Webinar proposals must be submitted electronically to CBSA staff and contain the following information:

  • Topic
  • Short description
  • Audience take-aways
  • Target audience
  • Presenter biography, including areas of expertise, speaking and writing experience
  • Presenter photo

CBSA staff and the Education and Training Committee will review proposals. Once selected to present, staff will coordinate with the speaker to schedule the webinar as well as provide promotion, registration and webinar facilitation. Webinars are presented on CBSA-approved topics; CBSA will promote the webinar to members and nonmembers.

CBSA staff and the speaker will hold a “practice run” of the presentation prior to the scheduled webinar to answer technical questions. The speaker will provide to staff the final presentation materials at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled webinar.